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Real Estate Drone Photography

Real estate Marketing with drones

Why use drones for real estate?

Real estate drone photography and video can help capture the beauty of your real estate listings. Moreover, drones can help buyers grasp the size, shape and position of a property. By offering a different perspective on a property, you can help fill in the blanks that buyers may have. Taken together, these factors can increase the interest in your listings and that can boost sales and prices.

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Exceptional Quality

When to use drones for real estate?

Aerial media is not right for every job. For certain types of properties, aerial media may confuse buyers. For example, providing aerial images of a condo may just lead to confusion about which unit is for sale.

So when does it make sense to use a drone to market a property? Since you can capture a greater area from the air, large properties can often benefit from aerial imagery. Also, when you’d like to highlight a beautiful setting or neighbourhood, drone photos can be a huge benefit to real estate listings. Another, often overlooked scenario, is houses that will likely be torn down. In this case, an aerial view of a property may help buyers determine if the land size and location will work for their needs.

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Setting a Higher Standard

real estate drone photography pricing

We understand that realtors pay for their advertising up front with no guarantee that they will make a sale. With that in mind, we have put together a competitive pricing structure for our real estate drone photography and video services.

  • Aerial Photos:
    • Minimum call-out charge with 5 aerial photos: $200.
    • $15 per photo after the 5th photo.
  • Aerial Video:
    • 1 to 2 minute edited clip for $400.
  • Aerial Video and Photos:
    • 1 to 2 minute video for $400 plus $15 per photo.
  • Travel:
    • A travel fee is billed at $60/hr for any travel greater than 15 minutes (per direction of travel). Our office is near Trout Lake in Vancouver, and that is where travel times are calculated from. As an example, the travel to do a trip to do a job in Langley would work out to approximately $45.
  • Tax:
    • PST and GST
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Usefull & Striking Perspectives

Booking our drone services

Automated booking systems have their limitations. When you need to make last minute changes or clarify certain details it is often much easier to speak to a real person. Skip the hassle and get in touch with us directly by phone or, if you prefer, by email.

Contact us by phone at 604-961-0780 or email us at [email protected].

Liability insurance

OTM Drone Services Carries $5 million of aviation liability insurance.


  • OTM Drone Services operates with an Advanced Drone Operator Certificate issued by Transport Canada.
  • All of our drones are registered with Transport Canada.
  • Our drones have a Safety Assurance declaration that permits them to fly near people and in controlled airspace.
  • Owned and operated by a commercial airline pilot.
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Delivering Results

Contact us today to book your next real estate project. Let our drone photography and video services take your listings up a level.