Aerial drone image of condominiums
Using Drones to Help Property Management

Property Management


Digitize Your Workflow

Property Inspections

Simplify the logistics involved with property management by streamlining your workflow. Drones provide cost-effective aerial imagery thanks to a fast evolving array of hardware and software technologies. OTM can complete roof, facade and property inspections in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to complete the same inspections manually. Using leading industry software we analyse the vast quantities of data produced to cut through the noise, providing customers with a comprehensive, easy to understand report.

Emergency Inspections

When time matters, drone inspections offer a high degree of responsiveness. Emergency inspections can be accomplished with very little notice, and provide excellent documentation of a property with minimal disruption to occupants.

Mitigate Safety Concerns

Having crews access rooftops to conduct inspections creates an unnecessary hazard, on top of the time and labour costs. Our reports can locate and detail roof problems without jeopardizing the safety of workers.

According to an Occupational Health and Safety Canada report in 2016, more than 40,000 workers are injured each year due to fall accidents. There are obvious liabilities and financial costs to these injuries, but more importantly, there are real human costs, including pain, suffering and in the worst case, death.

Insurance and Planning

Drone imagery can be used for documentation purposes in advance of or in response to an insurance claim, where it is beneficial to have evidence of the condition of the property prior to an incident. Additionally, aerial images can help effectively plan expansions of existing facilities.

Preventative Maintenance

With ongoing surveillance of properties, it is possible to track the degradation of facilities. This enables more accurate maintenance forecasting, allowing cost-effective planning for maintenance events.


Marketing your property with drone images provides a fresh perspective on your asset. The use of drones has dramatically reduced the costs of aerial videography and photography. Take your next marketing campaign to a higher level. Drones are increasingly becoming a highly valued part of the toolkit for property management firms.

Improved Marketing

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