Aerial drone image of Lions Gate Bridge and Vancouver, BC


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Unique Perspectives

It’s important for your marketing campaign to separate your product from the pack. Aerial videography and photography permits your audience to view the world from a unique perspective. Aerial media can literally take your product to another level.

Engaging Marketing

Aerial media draws your audience into the scene. Video and photographs are industry standard in the digital space, while aerial media can raise the bar. Whether it’s high resolution video, a 360° spherical image, or high quality aerial photos, up your marketing game with compelling airborne media.

Affordable Marketing

The ability to capture video and photos from the air has never been more affordable. Until drones entered the scene, aerial media had to be captured using an airplane or helicopter, manned with pilots and photographers. All of this came at quite an expense, but drones have dramatically reduced the costs to acquire aerial media for marketing purposes, making it easier to gain compelling imagery within your budget.

Quick Time-to-Market

Booking a drone for your marketing campaign couldn’t be simpler, requiring only a drone and a pilot. We can coordinate with you for quick turn-arounds on a timeline that works.

Increase Creativity

Adding a vertical component to your media allows your creativity to flow. Create stunning first person scenes, capture out of body perspectives or generate dynamic video orbiting around your subject. Shots that would have either been impossible or required a complicated rig are now possible with drones.

Improve Storytelling

This is linked to unique perspective and increased creativity, but still worth having it’s own category. People love stories. Providing a bird’s eye view can improve the story in many ways. You can create a sense of perspective, pull away from a scene or zoom in on a target. All of these techniques can enhance feelings and emotions.

Distinguished Excellence

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