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Bringing Digital to Construction

Elevation data

Elevation maps can be used during every phase of the construction process to verify that the site is graded appropriately. Having frequent access to current elevation data can help identify problems early, potentially saving time and money.

Elevation map Construction background
Elevation Map

Construction Progress Reports

Keep your stakeholders informed of the project and identify issues before they become a big problem. Progress reports help synchronize all parts of your team, from the construction site to the boardroom.

orthomosaic mapping

An orthomosaic map is a two dimensional map that is created by stitching multiple overlapping orthophotos together that are geometrically corrected to create an accurate, scaled and detailed map. This can be used to compare plans to builds to ensure accuracy, as well as to keep crews up to date with the changing landscape of the site, thereby improving efficiency & safety.

volume measurements

Calculate highly accurate volume measurements of piles of dirt or other materials on your work site, to make better estimates of how many trucks will be required to move large loads. This analysis is extremely efficient using drones, and the required data can be collected while creating an orthomosaic map.

Volume Measurement
Accurate Volume Measurements

Area = 0.561 acres
Volume = 9521 y³

3D Modelling

3D models can be useful before, during and after construction. Pre-construction models can help calculate costs of leveling terrain as well as estimate the impact of a building on the surrounding neighbourhood. During construction, a 3D model can help verify that projects are on schedule and proceeding according to plan. Finally, once work is complete, 3D models can be created and archived for future use in the event that modifications or retrofits need to be completed, or helping with future environmental analysis.

Construction Site Logistics

Data collected can assist in overall planning on site by producing useful data on stockpiles, equipment, site mapping and site progress, which helps provide the data needed for high level decisions. This can streamline construction site workflows for orders, equipment and labour.

Site & Equipment Maintenance Inspections

Track the health of your equipment and your site with high resolution images. Drones can reach more areas in a safer and more efficient way than manual inspections.

Health & Safety Induction

Up to date, accurate maps help new workers visualize the job site, giving workers better information on safety resources. Additionally, their ability to form an accurate mental map will make it easier for them to navigate the site, improving worksite efficiency. Frequently updated maps can have the same benefit for all employees.

Post-Construction Documentation

Post-construction documentation of the site is also important. Sending a crew to complete this task on larger sites can be very time consuming and costly, but drones can complete these inspections quickly and efficiently.

Promotional Material

Create a portfolio of your projects to help attract new business. Using captured imagery, a compelling case for the success of your projects can be built. Construction and site progress shots can make a compelling case for your finished products.

Aerial drone Construction background
Elevated Marketing

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