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Gain Insight Through Perspective

OTM Drone Services can combine the power of aerial imagery and big data to provide valuable insights for your business. Having access to this information can enable astute and swift decisions that can improve safety, efficiency and profitability. For more detailed information on how each of these services can effectively be used in specific industries, check out our “use cases” for real estate, construction, property management and marketing.

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UAV Technology

UAV technology can acquire high quality data faster, cheaper and safer than many traditional methods of data collection. Drone technology continues to develop quickly, and as a result the benefits are also constantly changing. Contact us for a consultation and we can evaluate your projects to see how our drone services might benefit you most.

Drone Capabilities and Services

accurate measurements

Drone imaging offers complete, accurate measurements and area calculations of your site. Our high resolution images provide an impressive level of detail, offering significant improvements to measurement accuracy.

2d mapping

Drones can conduct inspections using highly accurate 2D orthomosaic maps that are geometrically corrected to uniform scale. All high resolution images collected in the field are accessible from the 2D map, allowing detailed inspections from your office.

3d mapping/modelling

Drones can also conduct inspections of the sides of structures to create 3D models of full structures. All high resolution images collected in the field are available from the 3D map. This provides greater context for the aerial data set.

photogrammetric 3d point cloud

Generate an accurate 3D point cloud using photogrammetry. Our 3D point clouds can be generated and shared for use in a variety of industry standard software applications and are available in .las and .xyz file formats.

Cut Fill Elevation Comparison

Using volume measurements, compare the elevation to a previous map or to a design plan to quantify the amount of earth that has moved or that remains to be moved, allowing for better stockpile management and project tracking.

Elevation data and Contour Mapping

Elevation maps can find the height of certain features and calculate slopes within the mapped area. This can be useful data for worksite evaluation before, during and after construction.

Project Design CAD Overlays

Overlay project design plans on top of our aerial imagery. This can be useful when evaluating project progress as compared to the original design, identifying health and safety concerns, annotating delivery route planning as well as many other use cases.

Volume Calculations

Using accurate volume calculations, we can generate a stockpile report so you can have accurate information regarding the materials that are present on your site. Knowing about all the materials on-site can streamline planning and ordering processes for your job.

Marketing and Promotional

Aerial photography and videography can generate a truly unique perspective for your media campaign. In the past, the only way to gather aerial media was to hire a film crew, pilot and an airplane, but this came at a significant cost. Drones have opened the door to cost effective aerial marketing material.


Are drones safe?

Drones are a very reliable method of gathering data from hard to access places. Moreover, we are owned and operated by a commercial airline pilot, who has well over a decade of aviation experience. Safety is ingrained in our company culture and is a value that we will not compromise on.

What is the benefit of using drones?

Drones gather data more efficiently and accurately when compared to manual methods. This translates to a significant time and cost savings, and with better data. Also, drones can dramatically improve work site safety by removing the need to send people into risky and hard to reach areas.

What is the cost?

There are many variables that go into pricing a job and for that reason it is not possible to provide a simple answer to this question. What we can tell you is that drones are a tool, and when used appropriately, they produce significant savings. We encourage you to contact us to learn if our services are a good fit for your needs.

Are we insured?

Yes we are. For proper coverage, drone operations require aviation liability insurance. OTM Drone Services carries $5 million of aviation liability coverage. Prior to working with us, we will provide you with a package of our credentials, including proof of aviation liability insurance and pilot credentials.

Are your drone pilots properly certified?

Yes, all of our pilots hold an advanced certificate for drone operations. With a couple of days notice, we can obtain the permissions required to fly almost anywhere in Metro Vancouver, including near airports. Our drone pilot certification will be included in a package of our credentials prior to working with us.

What is your service area?

OTM Drone Services is based in Vancouver, BC. and we currently offer services throughout British Columbia.

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